Term Loans

Term Loans are available in several categories, not only depending upon the loan amount but also the duration of the term, whether for shorter, longer or intermediate periods. The tenure could extend from one year to fifteen years and the interest charged would also differ. The term loans could be secured against property like building or machinery or unsecured loans that charge higher interest.

Since about six years, we have made it our business to provide financial services for businesses in diversified sectors of the Indian economy. The business climate nationally is on the upward climb and chances of success in the corporate world are better than it ever used to be. Whatever problems may occur in several other parts of the world, we in India have much to hope for and look forward to in business terms.

Why are Term Loan Services required?

Every entity wishes to expand and diversify. Besides start ups that are hesitating to make a beginning to a business career, established businesses are constantly looking to add machinery, real estate, manpower and resources to the existing set up. In such a situation, though you may possess your own fund, it would be wise to seek Term Loan Services in India rather than stretch your private resources. The terms and conditions of the loan encourage entrepreneurs and repayment is hardly a problem, spread out over a long duration. Small and medium scale enterprises, particularly would require such loans.

We will find a way with our commitment

As a dedicated Term Loan Company, we are familiar with all the procedures and requirements for obtaining finance and will advise towards the success of the dreams. We work legally and ethically, according to established business practices with immense respect for confidentiality and privacy. Honouring commitments we have made would be our firm practice in the interests of professionalism and integrity. We will guide you through the many rounds of paperwork after verifying documents and make sure that you get what you want.

Diversification is the key

The ocean of Indian business has been our training ground and we became familiar with several sectors. Some of them are the following:

  • The iron and steel industry
  • Hospitality and tourism sectors
  • Quarries and mines
  • Cement and construction materials
  • Real estate
  • Trading and cold storage

We look forward to cooperate with your vision to realise the dream that every business is born with. We remain connected at all times with the heartbeat of business across the great country of which we are a part.

We have spread everywhere across the states

With patriotic zeal, we have worked hard to extend our services through the country. Starting with a beginning the finance services in Gujarat, our vision and mission prompted us to spread to adjacent states like Maharashtra and far, far beyond. Nowadays we find ourselves working quite comfortably with business groups throughout the eastern and southern states, as far away as West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Distance is no problem nowadays with all the conveniences of the internet but circumstances and situations can be tricky in the world of business. Leave your tensions to us and concentrate on business development.